First of all I'd like to thank Babsi, my flatmate in Vienna, that gave me the idea to start this book, back in March 2018; my parents, Marzia e Andrea, for giving me all the necessary equipment and for teaching me many of the recipes and techniques; my grandmas, Lilli e Sandra, for sharing recipes, tips and tricks.

Many thanks go as well to all who've helped me cooking, a special one to Pietro and his mother, Manuel, and Iside. Gratitude is due to my heartwarming guests, giving me positive feedback and helping me develop this passion. Fubini$\otimes$Tonelli also deserves some acknowledgment, to allow me publishing this little manual, alongside many other projects we had the opportunity to share.

Most of the recipes are sourced from the web, some cookbooks, friends and family, some are my personal creation. In any case all of them are mixed up, mostly because I did not like the way they were done. Sometimes it was a success, sometimes a faliure, I kept only the best ones. Many thanks go to all the people that had to see me really sad when the dishes didn't come out as expected10.1.

Last but not least, to you, reading this. This project was not started with the idea of being public, but here we are. My wish is to keep this book freely available, taking the idea of open-source to the kitchen, sharing my little knowledge.

Aron Wussler