Be careful: for this recipe around 4 hours planning ahead are needed.

Ingredients for 4 hungry people  


  1. Cut the onions, carrot and celery quite finely;
  2. Put oil into a pot and once warm add the vegetables;
  3. Before they burn add the minced meat, and let it brown with the wine;
  4. Add the tomato pulp and let it cook on the lowest fire for 3-4 hours, turning it every 15-25 minutes;
  5. If it gets too dry add some warm water;
  6. Use fresh with pasta, store in the fridge up to a week or in the freezer up to a year.

Tip: ragù can also be put in jars and stored at room temperature for up to 6 months, and this recipe scales up very easily. I would generally recommend to use a large pot and cook approximately 5 liters of it at once.

To do this, you will have to disinfect the jars beforehand, e.g. by washing them in a dishwasher at high temperature, then jar the sauce as it's still warmer than 60 °C, and finally seal the jar immediately with the help of a cloth.
Aron Wussler