Filetto di salmone con timo e miele
Salmon filet with thyme and honey

Ingredients for 2 hungry people  


  1. Pour the oil in a non-stick pan;
  2. Lay the filet on the cold oil, skin side down;
  3. Cook on low heat, and turn when golden;
  4. When turning the fish, add the thyme evenly on all sides;
  5. Once it's golden on all sides, turn the filet back to skin side down, add the rum, and immediately cover with a lid;
  6. Once all the liquid has evaporated, add the honey on top, then serve warm.

Be careful: The cooking time of this recipe is tricky: the fish always looks like it's done, but then it still needs a minute on the stove. If you're unsure you can cut the filet in half when the liquid is evaporated to check if it's ready, before adding the honey. It's important that the fish is not overcooked, else it will become dry. Avoid cooking the honey, and add it just at the end.

Aron Wussler