Frittata di pasqua
Easter omelette

As required by tradition, on Easter, wheter you'll be abandoned alone at home or you'll be alone in company, a quick, terse, dish is needed to make the atmosphere as sad as needed.

Ingredients for 4 hungry people  


  1. Open the eggs into a bowl, mix with a fork, and add pepper and salt;
  2. Drain the tuna oil into a pan;
  3. Warm at medium heat;
  4. Once warm add the eggs, cover with a lid and put on low heat;
  5. Mix tomato sauce and drained tuna in small pieces;
  6. When the egg is dense turn the omlette over with the help of the lid;
  7. Add the tuna mix to half of surface (since it's a circle you can define arbitrarily a diameter and cover one semicircumference only) and then with the help of two spatulas fold the omelette alongside the chosen diameter;
  8. Serve warm, and eat with sadness.
Aron Wussler