Patate al forno
Oven potatoes

Ingredients for 4 hungry people  


  1. Heat up the oven, 180 °C, ventilated;
  2. (Optional) Peel the potatoes;
  3. Cut the potatoes in dices, between 2 and 4 cm3;
  4. Put the oil, potatoes, salt, and rosemary in a baking tray and mix with your hands;
  5. Cook for 45 to 60 minutes, until crunchy but not burnt, serve warm.

Be careful: the potatoes should be cut all of the same size, whether bigger or smaller.

Tip: if you peel the potatoes the skins can be added as well to a separate tray, they get crunchy and yummy.

Tip: try to add peeled raw beetrots cut in dices a little bit smaller than the potatoes, and mix with the raw potatoes.

Aron Wussler