Penne con gli asparagi
Asparagi penne

Ingredients for 3 hungry people  


  1. Put on the stove 3L of water;
  2. Grate the parmesan in a bowl;
  3. Cut the asparagi in three parts:
    • Keep the tip for later;
    • Cut the middle part in little pieces (can be also done with a blender, but reduce cooking time by 75%);
    • Throw away the white hard end.
  4. Cook the middle part of the asparagi for 20 minutes (5 if blended) in olive oil, adding a bit of water from the pasta if necessary;
  5. Once boiling salt the water and throw the pasta in;
  6. Stir the pasta and around 13 of the cooking time, as soon as it becomes a little soft, put a dipper of cooking water into the asparagi, then move the pasta to the pan, leaving the boiling water on the stove;
  7. Add another 2 dippers of cooking water to the pasta in the pan, if it gets too dry just add some more;
  8. Add the asparagi tips;
  9. Let it cook for the rest of the time in a similar way to risotto (see [*]);
  10. After a minute take the pasta off the stove, add the grated parmesan, and serve warm with pepper on top.

Be careful: don't add too much water to the pasta while cooking in the pan, you will need to overcook the pasta! You can always add some, but before adding the mousse it should be creamy.
Aron Wussler