Pizzoccheri alla valtellinese

The recipe here offered is a lighter version than the traditional one, which would require as much butter and cheese as pizzoccheri.

Ingredients for 3 hungry people  


  1. Put 4L water on the stove;
  2. Cut the potatoes in little dices, circa 0.8cm3;
  3. Once the water is boiling add the kosher salt, washed spinach and potatoes;
  4. After $(18-n)$ minutes add the pizzoccheri, where $n$ is the cooking time of pizzoccheri (usually 12 minutes);
  5. Cut the cheese finely and the butter in chunks;
  6. Drain the pizzoccheri;
  7. Add in a serving bowl the cheese, pepper, garlic, and butter to pizzoccheri, stirring and letting the cheese melt;
  8. Serve warm. It can be kept in the fridge and warmed up the next day in a pan.

Tip: the right cheese for this recipe is Valtellina Casera DOP, you should use a similar cheese.

Tip: other vegetables, like cabbage or savoy cabbage can be used as well. Frozen vegetables should be put in the boiling water 1-2 minutes before to let them unfreeze.
Aron Wussler