Tiramisù ai frutti di bosco
Wild berries tiramisù

This recipe is also known as children-tiramisù, because it replaces coffee and alcohol.

Be careful: for this recipe around 12 hours planning ahead are needed.
Ingredients for 6 hungry people  


  1. Prepare the cream and stack the biscuits like in the tiramisù recipe (see [*]) just with less sugar, since there is no dark coffee in it.;
  2. Smash the wild berries in a coarse way, i.e. without blending them, add the lemon juice and optionally the liquor;
  3. Pour the fruits on the biscuits and in case they are too dry add a little bit of water (see tip below);
  4. Add the cocoa on top of the berries with a small sieve.
  5. Pour the mixture on top of the cookies and let it rest overnight in the fridge;
  6. Before serving let it rest at room temperature for a few minutes.

Tip: The right wetness of Savoiardi is difficult to find. They should not be soaked, but have still a bit of a dry core. Given a biscuits of section 1 $\times$ 2 cm there should be a core of diameter 0.5 cm still dry, that will soak overnight. A measurement of this can be made with a fork, by trying to break a one: the fork should not easily go through, but the biscuit should break without effort.
Aron Wussler