Penne tonno e pomodorini secchi
Tuna and dried tomatoes penne

Ingredients for 4 hungry people  


  1. Put on the stove 4L of water;
  2. Cut the onions and chili pepper finely together;
  3. Cut carrot, olives, dried tomatoes, capers, and celery finely together, to create a mince;
  4. When the water's boiling add the kosher salt;
  5. Add the olive oil in to a pan, mixed with the residual oil from the tuna;
  6. When the oil mix is warm, put onions and chili pepper, before they get brown add the wine.
  7. Add the mince, then simmer with white wine;
  8. Just before draining add the tuna to the sauce;
  9. When the pasta is ready drain it and add it to the sauce and serve warm;
Aron Wussler