Verdure saltate
Roasted vegetables

Ingredients for 4 hungry people  


  1. Cut the aubergine in strips, circa 3cm3, trying to leave some rind on every piece and let it rest in water with half of the salt for half an hour;
  2. Cut the zucchini in circa 2cm3 pieces;
  3. Cut the potatoes in circa 1.5cm3 pieces;
  4. Mince the spring onion;
  5. Warm up the oil and the chili oil in a wok;
  6. Add the potatoes, let it cook for 5 minutes;
  7. Add the spring onion, the zucchini and aubergine;
  8. Let it roast on high heat, then add the white wine;
  9. Let it cook while turning for 10 minutes;
  10. Sprinkle the rest of the salt on top of the vegetables, grind some pepper;
  11. Cook for 4 more minutes, serve warm.

Tip: instead of white wine, red wine, whiskey or brandy can be used, exeptionally just 25 ml of water.

Tip: other vegetables can be added as well, like carrots, capsicum, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, or champignons; just pay attention to timing, hydration, and size of the strips, i.e. the tomatoes must be added just a few minutes before, and the broccoli require some water.
Aron Wussler