Berenjena con queso de oveja
Aubergine with sheep cheese

Ingredients for 3 hungry people  


  1. Boil the tomato sauce an the sugar to make a simple compote;
  2. Cut the cheese in discs of 8mm height;
  3. Cut the aubergine in discs of 3cm height;
  4. Warm up the oil in a pan;
  5. Lay the aubergine in the frying pan on the larger face, sprinkle with salt, and cover with a lid8.1;
  6. Once browned turn the aubergines on the other face, then add with a spoon some tomato compote and a disc of cheese;
  7. Cover again with a lid and let it cook until brown (approx. 2 minutes). The inside of the aubergine should be soft;
  8. Serve warm before the cheese is completely melted.

Aron Wussler