Venison Ragout

Be careful: this recipe is still in an experimental state, the looks of the result still hasn't convinced me yet.

Ingredients for 6 hungry people  


  1. Cut the meat in dices, circa 4cm3
  2. Cut finely (or quickly blend) onions, carrots, and celery;
  3. Smash the juniper berries;
  4. Warm up 10g of olive oil in a large pan, when warm stir fry the meat;
  5. Once browned on all sides, remove the meat and add another 10g of olive oil;
  6. Stir fry the mix of cut onions, carrots, celery, and juniper;
  7. After 5' simmer with wine, then add mustard, laurel, spicy paprika, tomato sauce, and cranberry jam;
  8. Let it cook on low heat while turning every 10-15 minutes for 2h;
  9. Serve warm with sauce on top, or keep in the fridge, then warm up in a pan with a little bit of oil and the sauce.
Aron Wussler