Melanzane con carne
Aubergine with meat

Ingredients for 2 hungry people  


  1. Cut the aubergine in strips, circa 3cm3, trying to leave some rind on every piece and let it rest in salt water for half an hour;
  2. Marinate the meat with brandy, pepper, and half of the ginger, pressed or finely cutted;
  3. Warm up the seed oil in a wok;
  4. Brown the aubergine;
  5. Cut the spring onion and separate white and green part;
  6. Take the aubergine out, leaving the oil on the bottom;
  7. Brown the minced meat;
  8. Remove the meat leaving the sauce;
  9. Mix soy sauce and corn starch in a glass;
  10. Add oil, white part of spring onion, doubanjiang, and the rest of the ginger;
  11. Add the aubergines, the meat and the soy sauce and let it get dense for a minute on high flame;
  12. Serve warm, with the green part of the spring onion on top.

Tip: if you don't have doubanjiang you can use some chili oil.

Tip: aubergine can be joined or substituted with fresh tofu.
Aron Wussler